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The Organic Device

Published on 29 November 2011

During today’s supervisor meeting David spoke about non-verbal communication initially regarding a fellow students project but later said how could my app be made more interactive using the other senses? not the obvious add an alarm function. But think differently…

Could colour be used differently? By having recently viewed categories appear more saturated and categories that have not been viewed for some time appear less-saturated. Could sound be used? A different tone for navigation through the different category tiers. Or even haptic feed back. a user could move their finger around screen hot topics causing vibrations like hot and cold but with different vibrate strengths.

I investigated further and came across this TED talk by Fabian Hemmert at TEDxBerlin filmed in February 2010. he speaks about a device that can change its centre of gravity to give feedback or to change its shape and thickness giving the user a tactile interaction to virtual content. He goes as far as to say, why can’t a phone be living with a breath and a heartbeat.