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Grids: A change of thought

Published on 2 May 2012

For some graphic designers, it has become an unquestioned part of the working process that yield precision, order, and clarity.

For others it is symbolic of Old Guard aesthetic oppression, a stifling cage that hinders the search for expression.

Timothy Samara in Making and Breaking the Grid

As my reading week(s) continue I came across this fantastic quote in “Making and Breaking the Grid” written by Timothy Samara.

I have been reading books about traditional layout design, a topic that can inform my research into design for the mobile web. I have often avoided grids because the strict proportions that can inhibit some types of design, but I have found since graduating from my undergraduate degree and working in a quick paced industry that grids can streamline the design process.

Using a tried and tested grid as a foundation for a website can ultimately lead to a better and more robust design. A grid is a list of rules to follow to create an aesthetic yet functional design.