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Copyright Math

Published on 16 March 2012

The first MP3 player was a big Christmas hit, because what little hoodlum wouldn’t want a million and a half bucks-worth of stolen goods in his pocket?

Rob Reid in The $8 billion iPod

Rob Reid dispels the worry that the film industry is suffering from piracy. Copyright mathematicians analyse the numbers published by the film, music and entertainment industry and do the math. Reid points out a few interesting flaws. at 2:55 (approx.) Reid says that the film economy loses over 370,000 jobs due to content theft. He goes on to look at pre internet statistics and finds that according to the math there is negative employment in the film industry.

Rob Reid presents this talk fantastically and with another presentation coming up in the next 4 weeks (give or take), watching talks that are well thought out, clever, and in this case humorous inspires me to rethink how I can improve on my presentation techniques.