The blog of William Barton, an interaction design expert and front end developer with a keen interest in usability and accessibility.

Smart Design: Design and Emotion

4 November 2011

Earlier today we sat in on a lecture on design and emotion held by Dr. Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung.

HTML5 Manifests

23 October 2011

It is more than likely that my experimental artifacts during the PGC stage will be classed as a web app. With this in mind, for reference i have outlined below the necessary steps that i will need to take.
Using the correct doctype is paramount, HTML5 documents use a new simpler doctype.

Web Comics and HTML5

21 October 2011

HTML5 offers some great features like the canvas tag giving way to a plethora of animation options never thought possible. When IE9 was being released Microsoft Corp and  Parisian studio [Steaw Web Design][1] created ‘[Never Mind The Bullets][2]‘ a HTML5 parallax powered web comic.

The Future

6 October 2011

Native versus web based apps… In my opinion the versatility of web based apps are far superior than native apps, the ability to easily deploy the app to a variety of devices is ideal for developers.

Filter Bubbles

4 October 2011

I saw a great Talk by Eli Pariser about how Facebook and Google manipulate without consent the information you are exposed to on the internet.

Exquisite Design Control

2 October 2011

When designing for print the designer has control over almost every detail. Colours can be chosen from a Pantone colour book that the majority if not all printers use as a standard. The layout of the text, quality of the images and size of the work is the same on each copy.

Initial Research

29 September 2011

A short selection of websites and books that can help inform my future research. This is more for my own record rather than the benefit of the reader and there will be more of this type of post in the coming months.