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The Ballet of the Divs

29 March 2012

We need to stop worrying about the ballet of the divs when we grab the bottom right corner and go to town changing its size. This is not typical behaviour. Yes I do it, yes you do but you’re reading an article about responsive web design so the interest and the admiration for this wondrous feat is there.

What is for?

21 March 2012

While researching and working on a project for a client I have deided on a few things regrading responsive web design. This is my current opinion and no doubt it will change; as it often does.

Copyright Math

16 March 2012

The first MP3 player was a big Christmas hit, because what little hoodlum wouldn’t want a million and a half bucks-worth of stolen goods in his pocket?

Rob Reid in The $8 billion iPod

The Industry

11 March 2012

During the same day I had a similar conversation with a number of people one being a senior member of the academic team at the university and the other a Successful entrepreneur/business owner.

Slim Design

1 February 2012

There are ways of improving a designs performance using methods that have been used before responsive web design was conceived.

Eye Test

17 January 2012

In a discussion with my supervisor we covered the problems with a much larger screen the example that was used throughout the discussion was an internet enabled TV in someones living room. The are sat much further away than someone sat at a desk in front of a monitor. This causes some issues with readabillity because the font size is to small reletive to the distance from the screen to the user.

Book: Responsive Web design

17 January 2012

Witten by Ethan Marcotte in 2011 this book curates the ideas and techniques needed to create responsive websites.

Hidden Content

1 December 2011

With mobile web design there is a growing trend of hiding content and hinting to the user it is there and letting them choose when they wish to access it.

The Organic Device

29 November 2011

During today’s supervisor meeting David spoke about non-verbal communication initially regarding a fellow students project but later said how could my app be made more interactive using the other senses? not the obvious add an alarm function. But think differently…

Visual Research Thinking

7 November 2011

This evening I attended a talk by Dr. Vanessa Brown about visual research thinking as part of the MA generic lecture series.